The World Ends With You Developers Made A Game About… Cosplaying Androids



Jupiter helped Square Enix in the development of The World Ends with You and they’ve also done plenty of work on Nintendo handheld games like the Picross-e series. What are they working on now? Their latest creation is a smartphone game about teaching an android how to become a cosplay master.



Doki Doki! Cosplay Cupid is about an android that comes from the future, and you’ll have to get her excited by trying out various cosplay outfits.


001 002

003 004

Once you dress the android girl up in a different outfit, your next challenge is to touch her in the right spots to bring another sense of excitement, which somehow helps in mastering cosplay.


007 008 009 010 011 012  013 014 015 016 017 018 021 019 020

The above shows a look at one of the schoolgirl cosplay outfits, and there are also present codes, which are probably used to acquire more costumes.


Doki Doki! Cosplay Cupid is currently available in Japan for Android devices, and will launch on iOS later.

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