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World of Final Fantasy Footage Compares PS4 And PS Vita Graphics And Loading Times



World of Final Fantasy director Hiroki Chiba had plenty to share on the upcoming RPG during a recent livestream, where we got a look at comparisons between the PS4 and PS Vita versions, and more.


As far as game content goes, both PS4 and PS Vita versions are the same; however, the PS Vita version won’t have Japanese voicing, as there wasn’t enough space, but it’ll be available via free DLC.


The loading times are different between the two versions, which you can check out at the 7:19 mark of the video. At 7:26 we get to see the loading time for traveling from one zone to another on the field. The PS4 version does it slightly quicker than its handheld counterpart.


7:54 shows us a difference of loading time for battle encounters. The director says that even he was surprised to see how the battle encounter loading is faster on PS Vita.


In the next part, they talk about functions between the two versions. There aren’t any differences, other than the PS4 version being able to broadcast and share. The PS4 version will also support Remote Play. The share function won’t have any restrictions either. They thought about adding touchscreen functions to the PS Vita version, but eventually decided against it so that the play feeling remains as close as possible between the two versions.


The following segment is about game resolution between the two version, with PS4 at 1920×1080 and PS Vita at 960×544. According to Chiba, if you go by numbers alone you might think that it’s a huge difference, but he says they’re not that different when you get to see it for yourself. They did, however, make adjustments to better suit the hardware for both versions.


Starting at the 13:39 mark, we get to see a graphical comparison between the two versions. The main differences can be seen in the backgrounds, where the PS4 version is obviously superior. However, Chiba explains that they didn’t touch anything for the model polygons, so the characters look just as good for both versions for the most part. We get to see a comparison in event scenes at 14:44. As you might have noticed, the lighting is better in the PS4 version.


Here’s a few additional notes from the stream:


  • World of Final Fantasy is getting a day-1 patch.


  • Features cross-save support.


  • Multiplayer features versus and trading (included in the day-1 patch)


  • The multiplayer battles in PS4 are done in active time battle fashion, but you will need PS Plus. More details expected at Tokyo Game Show.


  • The PS Vita multiplayer will not have network connectivity, but it’ll allow for ad-hoc multiplayer. That said, Chiba recommends using cross-save for multiplayer on PS4.


  • You won’t get to use bonus DLC Mirages right off the bat. They’re unlocked after a tutorial chapter, at the Arena.


  • Chiba got Visual Works to create the Sephiroth Mirage, who will be available as a pre-order bonus. He explains that he bumped into Visual Works director Kazuyuki Ikumori and had him make the Sephiroth, so he says you’ll notice the Visual Works quality when he appears.



  • At the 32:17 mark, we get to see the Astrtaea Mirage from Einhander. This one will come as an exclusive bonus from buying the game at GEO.


  • There’s still plenty of surprises left for World of Final Fantasy, which we may or may not find out at TGS 2016.


World of Final Fantasy will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan, and October 28, 2016 in Europe.

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