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World of Final Fantasy Is Kind Of Like Digimon With Cute Final Fantasy Characters



World of Final Fantasy has cute chibi-fied Final Fantasy characters, but it also has features similar to Pokémon and Digimon, including evolving monsters. The official website shares a look at its latest.



The “Arena” will let you connect with friends to face off using your own Mirages.


The below is a look at some of the Final Fantasy “Legend Characters.”


Squall (CV: Hideo Ishikawa)


A hired soldier faithful to his duty from an organization called “SeeD.” He uses a special weapon known as the “Gunblade.” He’s been training with Lightning and Cloud, so you can see him with some visible wounds as of late.


Quistis (CV: Miyuski Sawashiro)


An officer of the organization called “SeeD.” She’s usually busy with her managerial position so she hasn’t been able to practice too much. According to rumors, she likes card games.


Chocolatte (CV: Seiko Ueda)


She goes by the name “Chocolatte” in Grymoire. She’s an item-seller who appears in unexpected places and at unexpected moments.


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The main characters live in a place called “Nine Woodshill,” and they’ll go on a journey to a mysterious world called “Grymoire.” At Grymoire, you’ll start out in Corneria and Saronia, then travel to various other places. The world has all four seasons, along with all kinds of different fields.





You’ll need to meet certain conditions in order to capture Mirages. This includes things such as using particular items. Once the conditions are met, you’ll see the Mirage glowing. They’ll then turn into a gem, meaning you’ve successfully befriended the Mirage.


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You can then name your befriended Mirages. There are some places with powerful Mirages, meaning you can also get some rare Mirages.



Using the Mirage Board, you can add new abilities and increase parameters for your befriended Mirages. As shown in the above image, it shows paths for unlocking abilities and power-ups. Each space uses up SP (Skill Points) to unlock, and there are some that require special conditions to unlock as well.



Mirages acquire SP by leveling up, so as long as you take them with you through your adventures, they’ll gain more, even when they’re not participating in battle.


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There’s a space called “Transformation,” and it’ll do just that when you land on it. The above is a look at a “Ifchi” turning into Ifrit.



The abilities unlocked through the board will carry over after the Transformations, except for exclusive abilities; however, you’ll still be able to revert back to previous forms.


World of Final Fantasy will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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