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World Of Final Fantasy Has A Robust Post-Game Experience



World of Final Fantasy isn’t a terribly long game. After about thirty or forty hours, you should definitely be near or at the end. But, that isn’t all there is to the game. While you will have earned the standard ending, there’s so much more to do if you keep going. There are extra dungeons to explore, more Mirages to catch and transfigure, additional interventions to stage, coliseum matches to complete, and even a true ending to unlock.


Getting to go through World of Final Fantasy’s extra four dungeons is one of the best parts of beating the game. Before you head into the final battle, go ahead and do all of the intervention quests the girl has to offer you. Talk to Serafie, then head into that final battle. Things will proceed as normal and you’ll be able to save. Upon reloading that save, you’ll be able to start experiencing these extra areas. The Girl’s Room now has a door that leads to three bonus EX dungeons, as well as a forth EX dungeon that unlocks after you beat those three.




The World of Final Fantasy EX dungeons are much more difficult than the standard ones. You probably shouldn’t head in with characters under level 60. They aren’t terribly long though, as each only has four areas to complete. Each one has a boss fight with multiple enemies at the end. Like the first dungeon will have Brrblizz, Shivver, and Shivverina in a stack, will give you each of those enemies’ Mementos as a reward, and give you a Girl’s Diary entry. The other two will give you additional entries and Joult, Rairamuh, Voultr, Gleefrit, Gleed, and Weeglee Mementos. Getting through the forth EX dungeon offers a Cogna XG boss fight, an XG eldbox, and the last Girl’s Diary entry. By the time you’re done, you could very well be at level 80 or higher.


And finally in a good place to face Shantotto, if you have the chance to face her in her second intervention fight still. See, The Sunken Temple’s Secret is an intervention quest you can only take once. It’s a boss fight against her where you could actually, possibly win. She has 360,000 and is ridiculously strong. I felt she was worse than the Cogna XG, and didn’t actually even beat her. But, if you are strong enough when you go through that intervention, you can win.


serafie tama


You’ll also have a chance to get the transfigurations for both Tama and Serafie. By which I mean, Tamamohime and Diva Serafie. Given the point at which both of these become available, you won’t be mastering either during the course of World of Final Fantasy’s main campaign. You might not even have unlocked Tamamohime, unless you’ve collected the seven Pleiades, which are Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Leviathan, Diabolos, Odin, and Bahamut, and gone to Miniventures to collect your reward. And Serafie’s involves an intervention quest. Each one is absolutely worth the effort and a Mirage that can be quite helpful in the post-game.


As for that additional ending, well, for that you need to finish up every interventions available in the Girl’s Room. After that’s done, go to see Serafie in Nine Wood Hills. You’ll see a Murkrift there. When you talk to her, you’ll be able to go through that final battle one more time. This time, things will be different after you win.


For me, it felt like World of Final Fantasy was at its best after I’d gotten to the end. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the story, primarily because of Lann and Tama. I had the most fun when I was going through actually challenging battles, collecting Mirages, and building up the ones I’d already earned to make incredible, fully synched allies. The post-game is entirely focused on the battling and collecting, which feels like the greatest reward of all.


World of Final Fantasy is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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