Square Enix announced that World of Final Fantasy is getting its “Patch 1.02” that brings various fixes, including a PlayStation 4 Pro compatibility fix, and more. Here’s what comes with the patch.


  • Theater Mode Added To Title Menu: Watch event scenes that you’ve already seen in the game at any time with Theater Mode.


  • PS Vita Voice Download Guide Added: When selecting “From the Beginning” or “Continue” a DLC check will be displayed. If you haven’t already downloaded the voiceover DLC, a message will indicate it.


  • Mysterious Switch Activation Notification Added: A messaged will be shown upon completing conditions needed to activate a Mysterious Switch.


  • Notification on Receiving Rewards Upon Clearing “Vestiges of Life” Added: A hint will be displayed upon clearing “Vestiges of Life.” Note: If you’ve already cleared it but didn’t get the reward, it’ll be shown at Sylver Park instead.


  • PlayStation 4 Compatibility Fix: Fixed the blurry screen bug when using a 2K monitor.


World of Final Fantasy is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We’ll likely get an English announcement for the patch in the near future.

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