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World of Final Fantasy’s Patch 1.02 Brings PS4 Pro Support Fix And More On January 12 In Japan



Square Enix announced that World of Final Fantasy is getting its “Patch 1.02” that brings various fixes, including a PlayStation 4 Pro compatibility fix, and more. Here’s what comes with the patch.


  • Theater Mode Added To Title Menu: Watch event scenes that you’ve already seen in the game at any time with Theater Mode.


  • PS Vita Voice Download Guide Added: When selecting “From the Beginning” or “Continue” a DLC check will be displayed. If you haven’t already downloaded the voiceover DLC, a message will indicate it.


  • Mysterious Switch Activation Notification Added: A messaged will be shown upon completing conditions needed to activate a Mysterious Switch.


  • Notification on Receiving Rewards Upon Clearing “Vestiges of Life” Added: A hint will be displayed upon clearing “Vestiges of Life.” Note: If you’ve already cleared it but didn’t get the reward, it’ll be shown at Sylver Park instead.


  • PlayStation 4 Compatibility Fix: Fixed the blurry screen bug when using a 2K monitor.


World of Final Fantasy is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We’ll likely get an English announcement for the patch in the near future.

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