PlayStation Vita

World Trigger: Borderless Mission Has Over 90 Triggers And Customizations



World Trigger: Borderless Mission is an upcoming PlayStation Vita title, where players will get to team up with up to eight players to take on the extraterrestrial “Neighbors”. The latest trailer shows us more from the game.


World Trigger: Borderless Mission has two modes. The story mode consists of over 80 missions from the main World Trigger story, consisting of 58 chapters along with original story missions for the game, where you’ll get to learn more from the characters.


The free battle mode lets you set up different teams of your liking and climb the ranks. This is where your character growth will come into play, so you can have the advantage in the battlefield.


As far as customization goes, there are plenty of options with a total of over 90 different Triggers to acquire from missions and ranked matches. Using a combination of different Triggers in combat will give you different strategic approaches in the fight.


Original teams are also something you’ll be able to make, so that means you’ll be able to pair up characters from different teams. Network play will allow you to team up with four players for co-op mode, or have 4v4 team battles.


World Trigger: Borderless Mission will release in Japan on September 17, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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