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World’s Longest 5 Minutes’ First Screenshots Show A Bit Of Its Humorous Side



World’s Longest 5 Minutes will put you in the shoes of a hero that loses his memories just before confronting the Demon Lord. The game’s first set of screenshots give us a glimpse at how it plays.


As previously reported, World’s Longest 5 Minutes is an upcoming RPG and visual novel hybrid, where you’ll need to make your own decisions as part of the “Adventure Part” and do the fighting in the “RPG Part.”


Since the protagonist, Back Flashback, loses his memories before fighting the Demon Lord (as you can see the minstrel Regent saying “are you serious!? You don’t even remember your special attack anymore!?”) you’ll need to find ways to bring back memories bits at a time. This will be done through talking to party members, the Demon Lord himself, and more.



Hey, you! If you think you can freely go inside someone else’s home just because you’re the hero, then you’re gravely mistaken!”



By remembering things one by one, I’m sure everything will come back together.”



That’s right! I remember!”


World’s Longest 5 Minutes will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. You can catch up on more details on the game in our earlier report.

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