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World’s Longest 5 Minutes’ First Trailer Gives Us A Better Understanding Of Its Title



Nippon Ichi Software revealed the first trailer for World’s Longest 5 Minutes, a game about a 5 minute boss fight that is actually a lot longer due to conversations and flashbacks for regaining memories.


Since the protagonist, Back Flashback, loses his memories before fighting the Demon Lord, you’ll need to find ways to bring back memories bits at a time. This will be done through talking to party members, the Demon Lord himself, and more.


The trailer shows how the protagonist couldn’t remember his name, but then remembers it after looking at a memory of his mother proud of her son after he has become a hero, something he’s always wanted to be since he was a child.


However, he still needs to remember how he became a hero, which also involves having to remember how to pull off his special moves needed to take out the Demon Lord that stands in front of him.


Basically, the entire fight against the Demon Lord lasts 5 minutes, but there will be various scenes of memory recollection, which makes it into the World’s Longest 5 Minutes.


World’s Longest 5 Minutes will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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