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World’s Longest 5 Minutes Is A Visual Novel-Style Adventure And RPG Hybrid



    Nippon Ichi recently revealed World’s Longest 5 Minutes, an upcoming game made together with popular smartphone makers Syupro-DX. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides us with more details. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt.]


    In World’s Longest 5 Minutes you play as the hero named Back who is about to confront the Demon Lord, but things don’t go as expected as Back suddenly loses his memories. Driven into a defensive fight, Back must regain his memories by talking to his allies and the Demon Lord.



    • Back Flashback: The hero. He loses all of his memories just as he’s about to take on the Demon Lord.


    • Regent Nightfever: A minstrel that has been delivering his music around the world. As you might have guessed, he is talented in magic.


    • Yotsuba Shirotsumekusa: A shy and gentle priest.


    • Yuzu Nanakorobi: A martial artist that is a bit of a klutz, but is also energetic and cheerful.



    • Adventure Part: While fighting the Demon Lord you’ll have different selections to choose from as you regain your memories. This is then followed by the RPG Part.


    • RPG Part: Starts with a flashback scene that occurs during events. Depending on the results of the RPG Parts, they might have an effect on the hero’s abilities and equipment. There’s also a system that “makes the memories more beautiful.”


    Here are some highlights from an interview featuring various staff members of  Syupro-DX:


    • Syupro-DX began working on the game after they were out one night and met a top brass of Nippon Ichi Software.


    • They were given freedom to do as they wanted after presenting the proposal for the game.


    • Development began last November, and while the development period was originally expected to be seven months, this was their first console game and they struggled without having an alpha and beta version to go with it, too.


    • At first, they said that Nippon Ichi would be in charge of everything except the planning, scenario, and sounds, but the plans got too big so it was decided that Nippon Ichi would help out more in the end.


    • World’s Longest 5 Minutes was once planned out as a smartphone game but the concept was denied. The Demon Lord fight at the start was made to grab your attention.


    • They attempted to make a grand ending that comes from the choices you make in the game, but putting together a consistent scenario proved to be difficult. However, this has since then been reconsidered now that Nippon Ichi is helping out with the development.


    • There are about 80 tracks in the game.


    World’s Longest 5 Minutes will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. The standard version will go for 4,298 yen, with a limited edition version for 6,458 yen, and it includes a Syupro-DX history title soundtrack, proposal documents for the game, a collection of other details and artwork, and calendar. The digital version will be available for 3,086 yen.

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