Wormhole City Brings Explosions To A Drizzly Cyberpunk City


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Zenrok Studios has released a pre-alpha trailer for its single-player sci-fi adventure Wormhole City. It’s also currently on Steam Greenlight and has a demo you can download here.


Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Wormhole City appears to blend drizzly walks though cyberpunk-style streets with explosive aerial chases in one fell swoop. But it’s more than its visuals.

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Zenrok has attempted to create a sci-fi world for you to explore, one in which authoritarian forces, space pirates, and alien races all compete as different factions for control using faster-than-light technology and deadly weaponry.


You’ll jump into all this, able to drive a variety of vehicles across the hostile lands as well as the dangerous realms of space. Large mechs, opposing spaceships, and disgusting alien creatures all have to be dealt with.

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But, for now, that’s all that is known about Wormhole City. Hopefully Zenrok Studios will have more information as the game’s development progresses.

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