Worst Dating Sim Is About Growing Fond Of Thugs



Worst Dating Sim is about the softer side of thugs (or not), having players help a lonely boy through his interactions with street gangs in an attempt to get over his fears of them. If done right, the boy may even learn to love someone among them.


In Japan, there are two rival gangs causing trouble: Spurious and Kosher. The player’s character is caught in the middle, but with the player’s help, he may avoid getting beaten up and may even be able to grow closer to some of the gang members. However, the game features no save function, and sixty-nine different bad endings where the character gets punched, so it will be quite a challenges to help the poor boy find love.

More features are intended for addition to Worst Dating Sim in the future, bringing new character routes, more side stories, and a handful of new endings to give players more reasons to try to avoid getting beaten up.


Worst Dating Sim is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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