Xbox 360

Would You Guide A Gothic Lolita Through A Deadly Labyrinth?


According to the game’s developer, Blue Platypus Games, you should.


Lolita of Labyrinth tells the tale of a young lady named Audra who is bored stiff with her life in a mansion and needs something special to spice it up. That is, until she uncovers an entrance to a sealed off demon-infested labyrinth behind the portrait of a lady known as "the Mistress of Gothloli". 


Since there’s little else more stimulating than navigating a nasty labyrinth crawling with demons, Audra dives right in and thus, her journey into the mysterious realm begins.



Lolita of Labyrinth is an action platformer. Audra is blessed with the skills required to navigate the most complex of labyrinths, such as double jumps and dashes. What really separates Audra from the other protagonists, though, is that she can kick her enemies AND stomp them while they’re down to deliver the finishing blow(s). Guess she’s a little excitable.


The footage above shows the first few minutes of the first stage in the trial version of the game. Lolita of Labyrinth is available on Xbox Live Marketplace now for 240 Microsoft Points. The developer’s official website can be found here.