X-Com Meets Supernatural Western In Hard West, Now Available


Gambitious has published supernatural turn-based tactics western Hard West for Windows and Mac on Steam. It’s set in a wild west where demons, satanists, and the undead roam among the cowboys.


It gives you control of 1-4 gunslingers in a series of story-based combat encounters inside tactical maps. Central to surviving is ensuring your squad is behind cover, and not just to avoid incoming bullets, but to maneuver and flank to get the advantage.


Tied to this cover system is “shadow spotting,” which is simply seeing an opponent’s shadow when they’re behind cover, made possible due to the blazing western sun. You can also make use of ricocheting bullets off metal objects to plug enemies even when they’re out of your line of sight.


Throughout the game there are cards to collect that grant your squad special abilities. You get them for completing objectives, exploring, and trading. They can also be combined to become even more powerful.

Chris Priestman