Xbox 360 Shoot-em-up Caladrius Gets A New Mode And Character For Arcades


It’s been awhile since we last talked about Caladrius, the Xbox 360 shoot-em-up with art from Devil Survivor artist Suzuhito Yasuda. Following its 360 release, the game is available at Japanese arcades with up-rezzed graphics in the form of Caladrius Aile Ciel (or AC for short).



The arcade version will have all six of the Xbox 360 version’s characters (that includes DLC-only characters Sophia and Lilith) and will feature new lady pilot, Cecilia Nell Allbright. She’ll get all new interactions with the others when played in two-player mode.


Alongside the original mode, Caladrius AC will feature an Arcade mode. This mode includes two new “Mission Stages”.  In these stages (and possibly in the updated game modes) players can choose a new Element Shot called Fusion, which lets players fire off all their weapons at once for a short period of time.


Caladrius AC is available in arcades in Japan starting today, September 30.