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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Challenge Battle Mode Adds Shulk And Fiora On June 15, 2018


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Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s next add-on is the Challenge Battle Mode, which arrives June 15, 2018. (Or, rather at 10pm PT on June 14, 2018.) This allows Rex and his party to come to a place where the Nopon Archsage will assign a number of difficult challenge missions to complete. It also gives people the opportunity to add Xenoblade Chronicles’ Shulk and Fiora as Blades.


When people get Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Challenge Battle Mode, Shulk and Fiora are automatically provided. Shulk has the Monado, which means that Rex is able to use the Monado and its arts when Rex is set. For the special, the two will toss the weapon back and forth to one another. Fiora uses Well Worn Blades and is a wind-element healer.


The Challenge Battle Mode is a difficult area where the Nopon Archsage can assign Rex and his party quests. Some of these even restrict how many characters can be brought into the mission or reduce Driver levels. There may even be missions where you play as unexpected people, with one in the Treehouse stream showing Jin defeating 100 enemies. Once one begins, a timer starts and you have to defeat enemies and accomplish goals. These enemies can be enraged if you attack in certain ways, making it possible for them to execute one-hit kills. You must be cautious, while also collecting Ether Cubes that drop to fill up a treasure chest gauge shown on-screen.


Once a challenge is completed, you return to the hub with the Nopon Archsage. If you have collected enough Ether Cubes, you can get up to three treasure chests filled with rewards. Some of these can be NoponStones. These can be given to the Archsage Orderly in the hub to trade for new outfits for characters. We see the Disguised Pyra one, which is 3 NoponStones, in action. However, the stream also mentioned Prototype Suit Rex, Candy Stripe Nia, Buster-Mode Tora, Dress Uniform Morag, Embercake Zeke, Mythra-Style Pyra and Pyra-Style Mythra.


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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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