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Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Its Different Dolls And Customization



We learned a lot about Xenoblade Chronicles X’s mecha weapons, called Dolls, in Monolith Soft and Nintendo’s latest stream for the game. The presentation focused on customizing and fighting as these powerful weapons, and we’ve got all the details. Let’s start with the basics—the different types of Dolls and their weapons.


Dolls_24 Dolls_30 Dolls_31 Dolls_32 Dolls_34 Dolls_35 Dolls_36

There are three Doll types: Light, Middle, and Heavy-type Dolls. Light type have low HP but a high evasion rate, Middle-type are easy-to-use and well-balanced, while Heavy-types are bulky and require technique to control, but they have plenty of health and defense. Within each Doll-type are the different Doll models such as Wels, Inferno, and so on.


Dolls_38 Dolls_40 Dolls_41 Dolls_42

Dolls_43 Dolls_44

The Urban Doll models have bike-like transformations with the ability to drift, while Infernos transform into four-wheeled vehicles that are balance for driving. Depending on the type of Doll type, they have their own unique transformations, and there are even tank-like transformations.


Dolls_46 Dolls_47

Additionally, upon successfully developing a Flight Pack, you’ll be able to freely fly around using the Dolls. You’ll be able to test drive and fly around in NLA, too, but wherever you are, keep an eye out on your Doll Fuel. Additionally, Dolls can be purchased, and you can own several of them, but they’re also quite expensive.



While fighting as your character, there are various Arts and such, and it’s pretty much the same for Dolls, depending on the equipment you use. Hand Weapons for auto-attacks, and they’re just as important to use as they are while you’re on your character.



Arm Weapons used for Arts and have features like Beam Shields and Mini-guns. They have plenty of Art effects such as powering yourself up or weakening enemies.


Dolls_61 Dolls_62 Dolls_77 Dolls_79 Dolls_84 Dolls_85 Dolls_87

Spare Weapons aren’t too strong with weapons such as Beam Sabers and Grenades, but they have low recast rates, which can come in handy. Back Weapons are powerful, with stronger weapons on the right-side and more characteristic weapons on the left. There are some that use both side slots, and they’re extra powerful.



Finally, the Shoulder Weapons are even stronger than Back Weapons. Similar to Back Weapons, their right-side are stronger while their left parts are more characteristic.


Dolls_95 Dolls_96 Dolls_97

Parts and weapons for the Dolls can be purchased at shops, but there are some that you won’t be able to buy at stores, and these are called “Super Weapons”. These require design plans, and they require quite a lot of slots as well, so you won’t be able to equip as many weapons, but they will be extremely powerful.


Dolls_100 Dolls_101  Dolls_105 Dolls_106 Dolls_108 Dolls_109 Dolls_110 Dolls_111 Dolls_113

Finally, customizing Dolls to your liking with various parts, weapons, and colors, is part of the fun of having your very own Doll, and giving it your personal touch. Judging by the presentation, Doll customization is extremely in-depth, and you can see examples of this in the screengrabs we’ve taken.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U, and later this year in the West.

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