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Xenoblade Chronicles X Info On Exploring, Questing, And Bonding With Citizens



The vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles X has plenty to explore, but you’ll also be required to help the citizens of New Los Angeles as a member of BLADE. Monolith Soft and Nintendo shared a look at more on your duties as part of the private military organization during their live stream today.



Your role as a member of BLADE is to find “Life” on Planet Mira, as there are still some cryogenically-frozen humans sleeping in pods that got scattered across the planet when the ship from Earth crash-landed onto the planet’s surface.



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You’ll find these pods as “Life Points” throughout Mira. Since the humans inside them are frozen-asleep, it’ll be up to you to find them, then bring them back to safety in NLA.


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The next important role as a member of BLADE, is to help in the exploration of Mira. Since we don’t know too much about the planet, it’s crucial to learn more for the safety of mankind and to further help finding Life Points.


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The Frontier Net exploration system will help you do just that. You’ll access it using the Wii U GamePad, and it’ll have plenty of information about the land and your current location. The hexagonal parts represent different areas, and they’re known as “Segments”.


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As you explore Mira, you’ll find various places that omit lights as signals. These are known as “Frontier Net Spots” and it’s where you’ll go to collect data of the land by using the “Data Probe” machine.


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After probing the data from the land, it will show up as information on the Segment parts of the Frontier Net. The symbols on the Segments indicate mission objectives, such as defeating monsters, and finding treasure.



The more areas you discover with Data Probe, you’ll have more objectives to do through quests. Finding more areas will also change and affect what the citizens of NLA are talking about.


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Data Probes do more than just provide information to your Frontier Net, as they can also be customized to perform various functions. For example, turning it into a Mining Probe will increase the resource output you get from them. There are also Probe customizations that can increase your power in battle when you’re around one.


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In addition to all the exploring you’ll do as a member of BLADE, your other role will be to help the citizens of NLA. They’ll provide you with various quests simply by talking to them, while the main quests can be acquired through talking to key characters of BLADE..


There’s also a quest board at the headquarters, used to look at all the different quests available. Upon clearing them, you’ll be rewarded with items, money, and experience points.


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By talking to citizens and helping them out with quests, you’ll increase bonds with them as part of a bonding system. Deepening your bond with citizens will further increase your chances of creating new ones with different people, which you can see in the above image on what appears to be a relationship chart.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated for release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U, and will launch in North America and Europe later this year.

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