Xenoblade Chronicles X Removes Female Bust Slider For The English Version

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Xenoblade Chronicles X is releasing in less than a month in the West, and YouTube channel GameXplain points out a few of the changes and differences they’ve noticed in the Japanese and English versions of the game’s character creator.


One of the more notable changes is how Lynlee’s bikini option has been covered up more in English compared to the Japanese version, and it’s understandable, since she’s 13-years-old.


In the Japanese version of the game, Lyn can wear any outfit just the same as other characters, but in the English version, some of the more revealing outfits have been made more modest. This only applies to Lyn. Every other character, including your own, can wear all the outfits.


As mentioned in the video, there hasn’t been way too many changes from the Japanese version, but one big difference shows in the character creation menu for female characters.


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When creating a character in the Japanese version of the game, there’s a slider to increase or decrease the bust size of a female character, but as shown in the video and the above images, this option has been removed, and all characters have the same default bust size.


While this is a minor edit that doesn’t affect the game, and the rest of the it is just like the Japanese version of the game, those of you who were looking into replicating some Senran Kagura girls in Xenoblade Chronicles X might want to keep this in mind.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in North America and Europe on December 4, 2015 for Wii U.

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