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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At Its Vast Continents



While we still don’t know too much about Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Planet Mira, the one thing we can say for sure is that it’s huge. Nintendo and Monolith Soft shared a look at all the different parts of the planet, during their latest live stream for the game.



Mira is made of various continents that range from mountains regions to icy or volcanic areas. Here’s a look at some of the main areas you’ll explore, while looking for Life and monsters to hunt down in Xenoblade Chronicles X:


Starting Field:

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The starting field where New Los Angeles is located. It has plenty of hills and vast fields.


Forest of Nightglow:

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This continent is filled with all kinds of different plants, including glowing ones, along with various other creatures.


Valley of Oblivion:

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The Valley of Oblivion is mostly a desert region that has some oasis-like spots and large creatures roaming around.


Continent of the White Trees:

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2015-02-06_081328 2015-02-06_081343


A continent that looks straight out of some sort of myth and nothing like what was on Earth.


Continent of Black Steel:

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2015-02-06_081827 2015-02-06_081849


The entire continent is one large volcanic region, but there appear to be some man-made structures like the bridge the characters are shown running on.


The continents are all much larger than what’s shown in the images, as they all have various other regions with them. As you explore different areas, the game will notify you whenever you run into one, along with its different landmarks.


2015-02-06_082352 2015-02-06_082434

Since that’s an awful a lot of land to explore, there are various features that will help make travel a little easier. Characters can dash and jump around, and even teleport using the Data Probe Segments on the GamePad.


2015-02-06_082637 2015-02-06_082752

For those of you without the best sense of direction, the glowing Navigation Ball can be used to help lead to your objective area.


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The Hopper Camera is another device that will help you not get lost, as it launches a camera high into the sky, allowing you to get a better look at your surroundings.


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In the end, it looks like the Dolls will be the best way to travel around. Once you acquire a Doll, it’ll increase your travel speed and also help you reach areas that you previously couldn’t get to; however, you won’t get one right away, as only BLADE members with proper licenses can acquire them.


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2015-02-06_083255 2015-02-06_083314

From small to large, calm to violent, Mira is home to all kinds of different creatures. While you can simply avoid stronger monsters, there are also special monsters with different names mixed in with others. While these special monsters may look the same, they’re extra tough, so you’ll need to be careful out there.


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In addition to having other characters that look like Tatsu, in the Nopon race, Mira has various other races. The blue-haired character is from the Lu-Sylphe race is named Luu. he’s a bit strange, but he’s actually a good guy that likes to sell his artwork.


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Earthlings aren’t the only aliens to Planet Mira, as there’s also the friendly Manon race. These guys have exceptional knowledge when it comes to technology. Then there’s the Vaias race. These guys are nowhere near as friendly as the Manon, and they’re a hostile race that are out to get rid of all the humans.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29th and later this year in North America and Europe for the Wii U.

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