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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows The Different Types Of Mechs You Can Create



The mechs in Xenoblade Chronicles X,  called “Dolls,” will play an important role in defending the human race on Planet Mira. In addition to being able to give them different weapon parts, you’ll also get to customize them with their own looks. The official website shares the latest details.



The above video shows how you’ll get to customize your Doll at the Blade Home. In addition to various equipment, you’ll also get to name your Doll and change different colors using the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness options in the My Garage menu.


As previously reported, Dolls come in different shapes and sizes, so it’ll be up to you to decide on what kind of mecha you’d like to ride while exploring Planet Mira. Here’s a look at some of the customized Dolls made by some staff at Monolith Soft:


Collection #1:


“I wanted to make something using white, blue, and yellow, to give it a more robot-like coloring. I think I managed to get that down? Anyway, this screen is taken at the starting point of the BLADE headquarters.” (Programmer S)


Collection #2:


“I’d like to freely fly around the vast skies! That will come true with a Doll! (lol) Dolls can take you anywhere, and, well, you can basically fly to all kinds of areas. ‘I’ll beat the enemies on the ground!’ is the feel I went for, while giving it an angle as if it were watching from above.” (Motion staff A)


Collection #3:


“Aren’t those round shoulders and rabbit-like ears on the head just so cute? As for the colors, I went with all pink. While it can transform into a vehicle on land, I decided to leave it the way it is with a waterfall in the background (lol).” (Map staff  T)


Collection #4:


“This was taken during night time at the ‘Continent of White Trees’. It’s quite dusky. The plants are also kind of glowing. That’s the kind of scenery I wanted to quietly assimilate. An enemy could take advantage of this and attack from behind. Victory goes to the first to attack! Just win!” (Planner M)


Collection #5:


“There are some fire sparks flying in the background, but that’s nothing compared to the pressure you see from the bottom-half of this body. I’ve always preferred heavier robots. It might look too heavy, but it can fly around just as light as any other. There are places you can also go with just Dolls, but best of all, it looks like it’d hurt like hell to get kicked by those thick legs.” (Model staff M)


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29th and later this year in North America and Europe for Wii U.

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