Xenoblade Chronicles X’s DLC Characters Offer Extra Options

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Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that the western releases of Xenoblade Chronicles X would be receiving the four DLC characters of Axana, Boze, HB, and Yelve for free. In Japan, the packs for each one were ¥500, and beating their missions made them a potential party member for Cross, bringing the total number of playable characters up to 19.


To help people prepare for their inclusion in Xenoblade Chronicles X and why it’s a good thing that they’ll be here for free, let’s go over what exactly they offer. (Without spoilers, of course.)


Axana, Boze, HB, and Yelve aren’t just one-shot characters. All four of them actually appear in Xenoblade Chronicles X even if their DLC isn’t applied. The add-on allows a player access to their more unique storylines, also allowing them to be added to the crew. Think of them as NPCs who you suddenly get the opportunity to know a little better and recruit.


Beyond that, the four are additional options for people who might need a character of a specific class, but prefer ones with different skill sets than the people already in the party. For this next part, the classes and skills referred to may differ in the final release of Xenoblade Chronicles X, especially since Axana and Yelve were originally known as Aksena and Ierv in the Japanese release.


xenoblade chronicles x axana


Axana, for example, is a Partizan Eagle class character. This means she uses weapons that tend to offer the ability to attack from a distance, like lances and sniper rifles. Over Specs and Voltage Max are her Arts abilities. If someone doesn’t feel like using Lao, another Partizan Eagle with Afterburner and Round Break, she’s an option. Actually, Boze is another alternate option for her even, since he’s an Astral Crusader with Bayonet and Vortex skills, an advanced version of the Partizan Eagle class.


xenoblade chronicles x hb


HB, like Boze, is another Xenoblade Chronicles X character that arrives with an advanced final class. He’s a Heavy Striker, something characters like Lin Lee and L can eventually be. His Arts are Atomic Bash and Frame Hand. You could think of him as a tank that works well up close, since he uses shields and gatling guns.


xenoblade chronicles x yelve


Finally, there’s Yelve. Yelve is one of two possible Blast Fencers in the game. (Three, if a player decides to go that route with Cross.) If you don’t like Doug’s Exceed Slash and Starlight Beat Arts, then maybe Yelve’s Powered Gunner and Spirit Change will work differently. He uses the Delta Pleasure multigun, but as a Blast Fencer can also use Photon Sabers and any Psycho Launchers. You could probably consider him as close to a standard swordsman as a Xenoblade Chronicles X character can get.


Players will also be getting the Policemen, Yumbo, and Excavator Skells with the included Xenoblade Chronicles X DLC, for HB, Boze, and Axana, with Yelve getting the aforementioned Delta Pleasure weapon as his extra bonus.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will

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