Xenocider Is An All-New Rail Shooter For Dreamcast



Xenocider, a new rail shooter in development for PC, 3DS, and Dreamcast, draws inspiration from Sin & Punishment, Space Harrier, and Galaxy Force for its planet-exploding action.




Xara, a cyborg and powerful weapon, must work her way to the core of ten different planets, shooting enemies and bosses as she goes until she can plant a bomb and blow up the entire world. Players will be able to upgrade Xara’s skills between levels as well, letting them strengthen her in various ways.




Xenocider will have three difficulty levels, as well as a handful of modes like story, arcade, and boss rush. It is currently raising funding on Kickstarter, and players can download a PC/Dreamcast demo from the campaign if they wish to try it before they donate.

Alistair Wong
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