Xenon Valkyrie Is A Roguelike About Hunting A Witch On The Moon



Xenon Valkyrie will have players choosing from three different heroes, each with unique powers, to go through randomly generated lunar caverns as they seek out an evil witch in this sidescrolling roguelike.




With its random generation, Xenon Valkyrie offers dozens of different possible routes to the evil witch. Along the way, players will be able to find or buy an assortment of weapons and equipment to make the journey easier, but those will be randomized as well, adding further challenge. Players can also level up their chosen character, growing their stats through power gained from the enemies they killed.


Players won’t be alone while playing through Xenon Valkyrie. Several NPCs are roaming under the moon’s surface as well, and players can talk to them, buy items from them, or pick up optional quests to carry out.




Xenon Valkyrie has several different endings with secretive criteria, providing different conclusions for the player’s hunt for the witch.


Xenon Valkyrie is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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