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Xing: The Land Beyond Has You Solve Your Way Through The Afterlife, Coming To PS4


White Lotus Interactive has announced that its first-person mystery adventure Xing: The Land Beyond will be coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016. It’ll also be available on PC and virtual reality headsets.


When Xing starts you’re already dead. In fact, the whole game takes place in the afterlife, and it’s from there that you must discover who you are and how you ended up dead.


This plays out as a first-person puzzle-adventure in which you read gravestones to be transported to a point in deceased person’s life. Inside, your aim is to help the trapped spirit reach the afterlife. You do this for other spirits in order to earn your own freedom.


“Each realm you visit was once home to a spirit, which will act as a guide in telling the story of his/her life through scattered poetry,” writes White Lotus. “Spirits will also help you in your quest to solve puzzles, in the hopes that you will set them free when you pass through the final gate into oblivion…”


You can find out more about Xing: The Land Beyond on its website.

Alistair Wong
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