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Xseed Resurrects Bullet Witch For Xbox Live Games On Demand

imageHailing from AQ Interactive, Xseed’s parent company before Marvelous AQL formed, Bullet Witch an Xbox 360 launch window title from cavia. You play as Alicia a witch with a huge broom gun who shoots… a lot of floating brains. It’s rough around the edges, but is an interesting book note in cavia’s history before they started work on Nier.


Atari released Bullet Witch in North America and Europe, but the game has long been out of print. The US version has some changes like texture/lightning tweaks and most notably enemies take way more bullets to kill. Xseed just republished the game and it’s $19.99 as a digital release. Extra missions are still paid DLC in the States and each one costs a $0.25.

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