akibastripXseed brought Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls overseas and will publish Sumioni: Demon Arts for PlayStation Vita soon. Sumioni is particularly interesting because Xseed shares ownership of the intellectual property with Acquire. A representative from Xseed confirmed this news with Siliconera.


Sumioni: Demon Arts won’t be the only Acquire game from Xseed this year either. In fact, Xseed is going to announce another Acquire developed title "soon." With Shinobido 2 in Namco Bandai’s hands and NIS America publishing Clan of Champions (i.e. Gladiator Vs. in Japan) that leaves Akiba’s Trip, Class of Heroes, and the Wizardry sequel for PS3… unless the title Xseed plans on announcing hasn’t been revealed.


Acquire was recently purchased by GungHo parent company of Ragnarok Online developer Gravity Games and Lunar legend Game Arts. Xseed also licensed Ragnarok DS, which was developed by GungHo.

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