Yahoo! Games GamePlus Adds Ys (PC-9801 Version) To Its EGGY Retro Gaming Service


ys pc

Yahoo! Games GamePlus has a retro game service called EGGY, operated by D4 Enterprise, and the PC-9801 version of Ys is the next game set to hit their cloud gaming service.


The EGGY service is a subscription based service for 398 yen a month, and allows players to play these older titles on their PC, Mac, or smartphones. If the name ‘EGGY’ sounds familiar, this is because D4 Enterprise also runs a similar streaming service with more emulated games for PCs called ‘Project EGG’.


In Ys, players control series protagonist Adol Christin, who must seek out the six Books of Ys, which can help defeat the evil plaguing the land. Ys from the PC-9801 has a different FM soundfont from the MSX2 version, and this release is recommended to those people who wish to play the very start of the Ys series.


Here are some screenshots below:

ys pc ys pc2

ys pc3 ys pc4

ys pc5 ys pc6

ys pc7 ys pc8

ys pc9 ys pc10


Ys (PC-9801) is now available for EGGY for Yahoo!Games GamePlus in Japan.

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