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Yakuza 6 Shows How You Can Play Your Cards Right To Woo Girls In The New Hostess Club



Yakuza 6’s feature that lets Kiryu chat with cam girls  looks to be one of the big additions, but its traditional cabaret club is also getting a big revamp. The official website shares more details on how it works.


Conventional hostess clubs of past Yakuza games revolved around choosing from a selection of topics to woo a cabaret club girl. in Yakuza 6, it’ll be a bit different, as it plays out kind of like a strategic card game, featuring 83 different topic cards. Using various cards, you’ll do your best to boost the mood of the hostesses. If you play your cards right, you can visit the shop, get close to a girl, then take them out. You can even go beyond that, but we’ll learn more on that some other time.



There are more cards other than “Conversation” cards. This time, you’ll also have access to “Drink” and “Food” cards. By choosing the ideal cards, it’ll increase the “Tension” of the girls. The Tension meter goes up depending on the type of cards you use, and the conversation that follows.


Choosing the right “Conversation” cards for various girls is a given, but you can add to it using Drink and Food cards to add more of a festive mood. If you can show her a good time by playing your cards right, you’ll get closer to the girl.



The “Conversation” cards have their genres, and by stacking the genres well, you’ll enter the “Hit” status, which adds to the good vibes. By increasing the number of Hits, you can further raise the girl’s Tension meter.




When all is said and then, you’ll be scored by how high a girl’s Tension meter goes up to. If you can manage to get a perfect score, it instantly gets you closer to a girl. And when your intimacy reaches its max, you’ll get a special movie that is said to be super realistic, to the point where it’ll feel like a real girl is breathing right besides you if you use headphones.


Yakuza 6 releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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