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Yakuza Zero Has A Mini-Game Where You Bet On Catfights



Whether you take money from beating up thugs or win it through gambling, Yakuza Zero offers all kinds of ways to make money. Sega have now introduced one more way to do this, with a “Catfight” feature that can win you some big cash. The official website depicts the feature in detail.


ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-2 ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-3

The Catfights are an unusual place, where girls that may seem normal during the daytime get together to show off their wilder sides and battle it out wearing skimpy outfits as part of the event.


The fights take place in a tournament-style bracket as a gambling game, where you take home all the cash if the girl you bet on makes it out on top.


 ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-4 ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-5

One thing Sega point out is how these girls all have normal day jobs, and how they like to express this through their costumes and lines, like the nurse shown in the above image. These girls can be anything from a nurse to a teacher, or an idol to a police officer.  Catfight participants also include foreigners who’ve found their way into Kamurocho.


ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-6 ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-7

ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-8 ryu-ga-gotoku-0-catfight_141204-9

You can support the girl you’re betting on through a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win, the girl will attack, but if you lose, she’ll take a hit. Each character has their own habits. Some might go with “scissors” more often, but they might perform stronger moves when they win with “rock,” and so on.


While luck does play a role in these kind of events, Sega says it’s important to know your opponent so you can strategize a victory. They mention that there are other bonus events as well.


Yakuza Zero is slated for release in Japan on March 12, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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