Should Yandere Simulator Come To Kickstarter?


In the latest development update for Yandere Simulator, the game’s creator asks for help on deciding if and when he should put it up on Kickstarter, or whether he should plan out a different future for it.


He explains that his current plan is to keep adding more features to Yandere Simulator in order for it to meet his personal criteria before crowdfunding it. At this rate, a Kickstarter campaign would be launched in January 2017, and it would probably take another two years for the game to complete. So, yes, you’d have to wait until 2019 to play the final version.


However, he has considered other options and it’s these that he’s asking for you to vote on in this poll.


  • He could reduce the scope of the game so that he can complete it as a one-man team with a group of volunteers. That would mean getting the game sooner but not with all the planned features.


  • Another option is handing Yandere Simulator over to a company so that they can develop it. While the game would probably be developed quicker it’s possible that the company could change the direction of the game’s development – that’s the risk.


  • The third option is launching the crowdfunding campaign sooner. This would mean that, if successfully funded, the creator of Yandere Simulator could hire one or more programmers to speed up the development of the game.


There’s also a fourth and fifth option:


  • Voting on none of these options and asking the creator to think of something else entirely.


  • Or continuing with his original plan and seeing the game released around 2019.
Chris Priestman