Yandere Simulator Creator Asks If It Should Be An Open World Game



In the latest development video, the creator of Yandere Simulator asks if it should become an open world game or not.


The video sees him examining Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho to see what, if anything, in the game could be taken and added to Yandere Simulator. The biggest feature that Natsuiro High School has that Yandere Simulator currently does not is the ability to leave the school and visit a small town.


The creator of Yandere Simulator says that he has considered adding areas outside of the school as he fears the game could get boring if it only features one location. However, what’s stopping him adding it is how much work adding a small town outside of the school would be.


He proposes that he would need an army of volunteers or thousands of dollars in order to pay professionals to help him create a small town. Either way, if it went ahead, it would add at least six months of work to the game, if not a lot more. This is why he’s asking fans of the game to fill out a poll to help decide the future of Yandere Simulator.


He has also set-up a Volunteer page on the game’s website to instruct people who would be willing to volunteer to work on Yandere Simulator on how to contact him. This has become necessary due to a high volume of emails in his inbox recently.

Chris Priestman