Yandere Simulator Gets After-School Clubs In New Update


Heading into 2016, Yandere Simulator now has after-school clubs, each of which you can join to obtain a number of benefits specific to each one.


The clubs on offer at the moment are the Martial Arts Club and the Occult Club, but more will be available in the final game. As to the kinds of benefits we’re talking about, joining the Martial Arts Club, for example, will mean you automatically win physical confrontations with students and teachers.


As the video above explains, you can only join one club at a time, and if you quit a club you will be not be able to re-join it. By murdering other students you also increase the chance of getting kicked out of a club, whether you’re seen by a club member killing another student, or end up killing one of the members.


There are other features added with this “Club Update” that you can either discover for yourself or read up on the Yandere Simulator website.

Chris Priestman