Yandere Simulator Gets Even Darker With Friendship, Gossiping, and Bullying


Yandere Simulator’s latest update introduces the concepts of friendship, gossiping, and bullying to the game. See the full changes here.


You can become friends with other students by completing tasks that they give you, such as retrieving a lost bra. Once they’re your friend you can then ask them for favors. This might include leaving an area so you’re alone with one of your victims or to distract people while you perform murder.


It’s also possible to eliminate a student from Senpai’s love interests by ruining their reputation. To do this you’ll need to gossip with other students, spreading lies and rumors. If you have friends, a good reputation, and are wearing the right panties (seriously) then your gossip will have more of a negative impact on your target’s reputations. However, spreading gossip does reduce your own reputation.


At night, outside of school, you can also log-in to a social network on your computer and spread rumors about another student. If you spread false ones then you’ll be mocked. But if you take the time to find out something about a student that they’re covering up as it may shame them then other students will speak up on the matter.


If you reduce a student’s reputation far enough then they’ll begin to sit alone opening up a chance for murder without witnesses. But if you keep damaging a student’s reputation then the whole school will hate them and want them dead. The torment that student then receives will eventually lead to that student’s suicide.


That is perhaps one example of bullying. Another that is detailed in the video is placing a flower on a student’s desk. It’s a gesture that means you want to see them dead. Other examples will need to found out.

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