Yandere Simulator Shows Off A Preview Of The Game’s Intro Cutscene


yandere sim

YandereDev recently released the latest update for Yandere Simulator, with the highlight being a preview for the game’s opening cutscene.


Check it out below:


“The intro cutscene is almost finished! After some final adjustments to the music and animations, I’ll put it into the game. I’ve been working on other features, too, but I’m not ready to show them to you just yet. I didn’t want to let a month pass without showing signs of progress, so I’ve decided to give you a short preview of the intro cutscene. I hope it makes you excited to see the final version!”


Additionally, the June update adds one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan, as well as one new Easter egg to find.


Yandere Simulator is available for PC.

Alistair Wong
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