Yandere Simulator Update Includes Buckets Of Blood And Bathing Suits


Yandere Dev has shared a video of his latest progress on Yandere Simulator. This time the focus is on even more ways of framing and killing off other schoolgirls.


Specifically, we’re shown how it’s possible to hide bodies in dumpsters as well as push girls into them from rooftops. It’s also possible to throw buckets of water from rooftops to get girls wet. This forces them to run to the showers to bathe and change their clothes – while there, you can drown them or take lude pictures.


Buckets of water also get filled with blood if you ring them out a bloody mop in them enough. You can also throw this bloody water over other girls to frame them for murder.


Lastly, if you get a girl covered in water and unscrew a light switch after turning the lights off in the room, the girl will fumble for the switch and get electrocuted and die. You can download the latest version of Yandere Simulator with these updates here.

Chris Priestman