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Yarn Yoshi Gets A Mario Makeover And It Is Horrifying



Up until now, Yoshi’s Woolly World has been 100 percent cute. Adorable. Gorgeous. Nothing bad could ever come out of Yoshi’s Woolly World, right? Wrong.


Nintendo shared a video that showcases how you can use over 40 different amiibo to give Yarn Yoshi different in-game looks. Quite simply, if you connect your amiibo up while playing the game, Yarn Yoshi will get a skin based on that character.


In the video, this functionality is shown off with the Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong amiibos. The Link and Donkey Kong versions of Yarn Yoshi are still adorable. But there’s something strange about that Mario one. It’s the moustache. Across Yarn Yoshi’s plump nose is spread Mario’s black moustache like a misplaced bat’s wing, or a snarling mouth made of evil.



For some reason it’s almost horrifying. It looks like someone punched Mario in the nose and it swelled to a Pinocchio-esque size. The moustache introduces the idea of this gigantic nose having nostrils, which are hairy and full of snot, and that’s rather gross too. In any case, it’s lot less cute than it should be. Just look at that thing.

Chris Priestman