Yasunori Mitsuda To Celebrate Chrono Cross’ 20th Anniversary With A Live Concert Tour In November


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November 18 is the 20th anniversary of Chrono Cross, and to celebrate the occasion composer Yasunori Mitsuda announced a live concert tour set to kick off this November in Japan.


The full title of the concert is Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 Radical Dreamers Yasunori Mitsuda & Millenial Fair” starting at the Toyosu Pit in Tokyo on November 3, followed by Namba Hatch in Osaka on November 16, and Nagoya Diamond Hall in Aichi Prefecture on November 17, 2019.

Below is a message from Yasunori Mitsuda:

It has been almost twenty years since Chrono Cross was released on November 18, 1999. Since this is the year of Chrono Cross, I wanted to celebrate it with everyone by doing a live concert tour. The theme for the music in Chrono Cross was “radical traditional”. For Chrono Cross, I tried the best I could to create a new kind of video game music. All kinds of sounds were mixed together, from Balkan music to Celtic, Nordic, African and so on, making the music stateless and unique. This time, I’ll personally arrange all of the pieces played during the tour. I’m aiming for the type of setting where we can all laugh and dance together. It won’t be a concert where the audience sits and listens, but rather a standing concert where all the fans and musicians can share their energy and enjoy the music together. The live concert tour will happen in three places: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. I hope everyone can lose themselves in the music. Together with Serge, Schala ”Kid” Zeal and everyone, let’s set out in search of the “Frozen Flame”.

Lastly, since we’re talking about Chrono, let’s time-travel back to 1999 with a look at some Chrono Cross ads from Japanese magazines:

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Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross released in Japan on November 18, 1999 for PlayStation. The game’s writer Masato Kato recently launched a new smartphone game called Another Eden.

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