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Yawn… Trillion: God of Destruction Gets Screenshots For Fegor



Trillion: God of Destruction is set for release in a little over a month for the west, and Idea Factory International has updated their official website with some screenshots for Fegor, Zeablos’ older sister.



2016-02-19_013305 Zeablos’ older sister, and the Overlord who holds the crest of Sloth.


She calls Zeabolos, “Zebo-chin”, and she in turn is called “Sister.” She says little, but because she cares for her younger brother, she undertakes the task of defeating Trillion. She’s extremely lazy and is always sleeping, but she actually possesses powerful magic that can surpass even Zeabolos’.


scr27 scr28

scr29 scr30


scr32 scr33


Trillion: God of Destruction will release in North America on March 29 and Europe on April 1, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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