Yggdra Resonance Pre-Registrations Open in Japan

Yggdra Resonance

Mobile RPG Yggdra Resonance is approaching its planned Spring 2022 release date in Japan, and pre-registrations for the title have opened. Interested players with access to the Japanese App Store or Google Play Store can sign up to download the game when it becomes available. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

As with most game pre-registration campaigns, publisher Nuverse is promising various rewards based on the number of people that sign up. The rewards are mainly quantities of premium currency, but the 150,000 pre-registration milestone promises a free two-star unit, Maribelle.

Nuverse also uploaded a promotional trailer for Yggdra Resonance.

Originally developed by Big Dipper, Yggdra Resonance is the Japanese version of Shining Maiden. As Shining Maiden, the game received an English localization and opened service in Singapore in January 2021. Its live run was short. Service was discontinued June 2021.

The official page of Yggdra Resonance lays out the game’s premise. In the distant past, the world tree was once destroyed in a cataclysmic battle between the gods led by Odin and the giants. The destruction of the world tree led to the death of all the belligerents, including Odin and the Valkyries that served him. The world was reset, with the turmoil of that time fading into myth and legend. In the present, various factions and nations have risen up, including ones that lay claim to the legacy of the Valkyries.

Players will recruit new characters to their side via a gacha-based system, and raise them through battle. Over sixty different characters are available at launch, with fully voiced story sequences. Yggdra Resonance also includes a “time synchronization” system that keeps the game synced up to real-life time and weather conditions (presumably those of Japan). These changes have various effects on game mechanics, such as the potency of certain categories of skill. Players of Shining Maiden described the game as having similarities to Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Pre-registration for Yggdra Resonance is ongoing on Android and iOS, with the game scheduled for a Spring 2022 launch in Japan.

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