Yggdra Union Smartphone Port To Have Easy Mode, Autosave, Rewind, And More


yggdra union 1

Back in February, we reported that Sting’s Dept. Heaven game Yggdra Union is returning with a smartphone port in Spring, and Sting has now narrowed the release date down to April 2019, as well as introduced what’s new to the port.


tuning point

According to the official site, here are the list of features added and tuned-up for the smartphone release:


    • Rewind feature
    • Autosave function
    • Dialogue history
    • Easy Mode
    • Changes to requirements for unlocking Extra content
    • Battle speed change feature
    • Compatibility with smartphone controllers
    • Units will join under special requirements!



Sting has also released several videos showing off the features of the game:

Union System




Tactics Guard


Yggdra Union is immediately available on Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable, and is coming to iOS and Android in Japan in April 2019.

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