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Yo-kai Watch 2 Dives Into The Past With New Details On The Story



In Yo-kai Watch 2, the protagonist will go back in time, where he/she will encounter many past yokai. But what could have led them to the past? 4Gamer shares the latest screens for the game, along with some details behind its story.


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After meeting the yokai Whisper and Jibanyan in the first game, Yo-kai Watch 2 brings the crew back to a new adventure. After the protagonist’s “Yokai Watch” item disappeared, he encounters a yokai called Dekanyan at Kemamoto village, the town where the protagonist’s grandmother lives.


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However, this encounter would lead to a time slip that sends them back to the past, as they try to find out the secrets behind the birth of the Yokai Watch, the device that is used to detect yokai.


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In the past, there’s an existence called “Mystery Demons” that seem to influence the lives of humans back in the day, similar to what was going on in the first game with the yokai. During this time, the Mystery Demons were split into two groups called the “Head” and “Founder” militaries, that have been at war.



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You’ll need to take a train to get to Kemamoto village, but it won’t always be a simple ride, as you’ll also need to pay attention to the stops, otherwise it could take you to unknown areas.


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The train rides have different events, where you might meet familiar old ladies who’d give you sweets, along with yokai who are causing trouble.



After spending some time in the past, the protagonist gets the “Yokai Watch Type Zero” item, as he (or she) meets new yokai buddies. The first game featured special medals for the watch, but Yo-kai Watch 2 will feature a new type called Z Medals. There will also be “classic yokai” that can be met in the past.


Depending which version of Yo-kai Watch 2 you play, between Head and Founder, there will be different types of friendly yokai and quests to go with it.


Yo-kai Watch 2: Founder and Yo-kai Watch 2: Head will be released on July 10, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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