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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Introduces New Monsters Including A Super Hero Cat



From the anime, manga, to the video game and toys, Yo-kai Watch is pretty popular in Japan right now, and it looks like things might get even better for the series once Yo-kai Watch 2 is released later this Summer. The official website updates us with a look at some of the new monsters for the sequel.(Thanks, Game-Jouhou.)


14191817555_83a939375b_z The above is a look at a new super hero cat, Fuyunyan. He looks like he could be related to the popular character Jibanyan, but Fuyunyan has a kicking mantle and belt to go with a battle scar on his head. It seems like he’ll be helping out the protagonists at one point.



The website also updates us with five new characters who’ll be appearing in Yo-kai Watch 2: Founder and Head


Starting from the top is Karipakkun, a yokai who seems to eat everything he borrows and makes it his own. If he latches onto you, then you’ll stop returning things that you might’ve borrowed from others.


To the right is Norakurari, who’ll make you start making all kinds of excuses. Underneath him is Kudan, a fortunetelling yokai… well he’s supposed to be but he’s still in training and can only predict things like the weather.


On the bottom-left is Hanako-san, a yokai of a girl who lives in the school. She’s always looking for someone to play with, and especially likes the girls’ bathroom. Sound familiar?


Finally, is Gamanmosu (gaman = patience/manmosu = mammoth) who has been holding in his pee for so long, he gained an ultimate ability of perseverance.



The above monsters are version-exclusive yokai you’ll be getting in Yo-kai Watch 2. The left side shows a few from Yo-kai Watch 2: Founder and the right has ones from Yo-kai Watch 2: Head.



As previously reported, you’ll be going back in time through some sort of time slip in Yo-kai Watch 2. The above is a look at Kemamoto Village, which looks like it’ll be somewhere back in time way before the current era of Sakura New Town.


You might be able to meet some of the ancestors of your yokai, or perhaps even see them before they became ghosts!


Yo-kai Watch 2: Founder and Yo-kai Watch 2: Head will be released on July 10, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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