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Yo-kai Watch 2’s Side Quests Can Be Multi-day Events




The Yo-kai Watch games keep track of time. I’m not talking about the in-game clock that makes various Yo-kai appear at certain times of day. I’m referring to real-time events. While you play Yo-kai Watch 2, it’s keeping track of the time. This means playing every day doesn’t just mean you get to a great JRPG daily. It means you could be a step closer to something really cool happening in the game.


The most obvious example of this element in action is the Crank-a-Kai. Every day, you get a set number of turns on this gacha. You’ll probably get helpful items, but sometimes you’ll even be awarded a new Yo-kai. Each day, you get a certain number of spins, after which the machine disappears and you must wait for a second day. However, even this is slightly different in Yo-kai Watch 2. For starters, the machines are different in the past and present. Using the standard red, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, light blue, or purple coins could get you a classic Yo-kai in the past and regular one in the future.


If you’ve been collecting Yo-kai Watch 2 passwords and QR codes, then you need to start working with Gnomey. You automatically recruit him when trying to befriend Kenny in the past. Once he reaches level 28, he becomes High Gnomey and can be places at the Breezy Hills Baffle Board in the North West side of the map. Everyday, you can talk to him to earn more Crank-a-Kai turns. It’s an essential bonus.


Quite a few of the quests are multi-day events in Yo-kai Watch 2 as well. Let’s start with Don-chan. The anthropomorphic drum and star of Taiko no Tatsujin is in Yo-kai Watch 2. I discovered him after I was about halfway through the game. A Mirapo near the Mt. Wildwood Shrine will take you to his festival realm. There, you find all sorts of foods in one place and battle Don-chan once per day. If you manage to raise his friendship levels enough, he’ll join your party as a playable character. He loves snacks, like potato chips and tasty nibbles. Also, once he’s in your crew, you can go ahead and talk to Whisper at your house, turn him into the Yo-kai who follows you, and pretend you’re playing one of those Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo 3DS games with an RPG story mode. (I highly recommend it.)


Another multiday quest involves the Springdale Sports Club. Remember Downtown Springdale’s Construction Site? Well, you can use a Baffle Board to begin construction. Summoning a Mochismo to that spot will cause a club to be built downtown after three days. Once the gym has opened, you can improve Yo-kai’s Yo-formances in four different areas, at a cost. You can earn GP by participating in battles at the Sports Club and spending it on a character can improve their strength, spirit, defense, and speed. However, lowering one stat will decrease another. working on strength or speed will lower that character’s defense, while working on spirit or defense will lower speed. Again, being patient will let you reap all sorts of rewards.


Given how large Yo-kai Watch 2 is, what with all of the story and sidequests to complete and Yo-kai to recruit, there’s a chance you’re already pacing yourself and playing through a bit at a time. It’s interesting how the game itself offers specific quests and battles that encourage you to stop by every day too. Just take care to play fair and not attempt to adjust your Nintendo 3DS’ clock to speed things up. Gargaros will know, pop up to chastise you, and might cause Terror Time to appear more often for a brief period of time as a punishment.


Yo-kai Watch 2 is available in North America for the Nintendo 3DS.

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