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Yo-kai Watch 3 Trailer Introduces Nate, Hailey Anne, And Some Of Its New ‘Merican Yo-kai



In Yo-kai Watch 3 protagonist Nate and his family move to a fictitious country called “BBQ” (“USA” in the Japanese version), while new protagonist Hailey Anne’s story takes place back in Springdale.


Here’s a new trailer from Nintendo for Yo-kai Watch 3: The Tale of Two Yo-kai Watches:

In Yo-kai Watch 3 Nate goes on an adventure to a new area, good ol’ St. Peanutsburg in the BB of Q where there are over 600 different Yo-kai to encounter, including the new “’Merican Yo-kai” such as the USA-themed Usapyon, the always-angry Salty Bacon, Rocky Badboya, T-Wrecks, OMGator, Koma Knomads, Happy-go-Lucky, Sing Kong, Zip Unlock, BBQvil, Terminyanator, Chicken Chukket, and more.


As for Springdale’s curious new hero Hailey Anne, she teams with Usapyon to form the Hapyon Detective Agency to take on different cases while also uncovering more about her partner’s story.


The trailer also gives us a look at its enhanced battles with the new Tactics Board where you use the stylus to move Yo-kai around the board to avoid enemy attacks.


Yo-kai Watch 3 is available for Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Europe. The game releases in North America on February 8, 2019.

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