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Yo-kai Watch 3’s New Update Adds Towns To Revisit, Plenty Of New Yo-kai And Dungeons



Level-5 announced that Yo-kai Watch 3 is getting a free update in “Ver. 3.0” that brings new content including new Enma, Yo-kai, quests, and more to the three versions of the 3DS title.


First, here’s a look at a new trailer showing off content for the Ver. 3.0 update.



All three versions will get a new Enma, with “Taiyoushin Enma” going to Sushi, “Jikuushin Enma” for Tempura, and “Ankokushin Enma” for Sukiyaki.



New quests will allow you to recruit KJ and Blizzaria.



Three new version-exclusive Yo-kai will also join the game with the update. From left to right they’re “ISononami” for Sushi, “Yamaokami” for Tempura, and “Tsukinoyami” for Sukiyaki.



The above is a look at some of the new Yo-kai that will be available for all versions.



The Yo-kai WAtch Busters Treasure mode is also getting a power-up. It’ll feature a new dungeon that is said to be in the world of Yo-kai, and it appears to take the form of a hot springs resort.



In addition to “Anahori Mogozou” as a new Guardian, Bushiou and Captain Thunder will also join as new Guardians.





And finally, the update will make it possible for you to visit San Frantisco and Harrisville from the previous game, which you’ll get to visit by riding a helicopter.


Yo-kai Watch 3’s Ver. 3.0 update launches in Japan in Spring 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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