This week, Level-5 released new info on Yo-kai Watch 4, focusing on the collaboration with classic dark fantasy anime GeGeGe no Kitaro, as well as how the Watch Users can develop, and the new Soul Matchmaking system. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

GeGeGe no Kitaro

In Yo-kai Watch 4, Kitaro appears in a sidequest, where he meets Natsume and the others. It turns out that Medama-oyaji has gone missing, and Natsume and the others will need to help Kitaro in his search to find his father.

Here are some more screenshots:

Gashapon Machines

Each of the four worlds have their own gashapon machines, which all look different from each other. Later in the story, you’ll unlock Gasha Land in the Yo-makai, where you can pull gashapon whenever you want.

Raising the six Watch Users

Six Watch Users are playable, each using different weapons and finishers. By spending points on the various stats, your battles will get easier to fight. The six stats are Youkai, Friendship, Love, Heart, Technique, and Body.

Soul Matchmaking

Yo-kai Watch 4 adds a new method of obtaining yo-kai – the Soul Matchmaking. Using the Soul Suction technique in battle, you can obtain Souls that can be exchanged in order for the consultant Kon-saru to introduce you to new yo-kai.


Yo-kai Watch releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on June 20, 2019.

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