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Yo-kai Watch 4 Introduces Brand New Yo-kai And Where To Find Them


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Level-5 has shared the latest details on Yo-kai Watch 4, revealing the look of the Yo-makai that yo-kai live in, how you can choose which character to use, and a new way to become friends with yo-kai, and more. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


The Yo-makai

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The Yo-makai, which first appeared in the movie Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends, is available to visit in Yo-kai Watch 4. It’s a flourishing city with much to see.


The Six Watch Users

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Up to now, we’ve only known that Keita and Touma can join battles, but as it turns out, you can swap between any of the six Watchers between battles. They are Shin, Touma, Keita, Natsume, Akinori, and Fumi-chan. Each of them have their own special abilities that will be revealed soon.


Soul Matchmaking

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In Yo-kai Watch 4, there is a new way to befriend yo-kai named Soul Matchmaking (“Konkatsu”). It seems this monkey yo-kai Konsaru can introduce you to new yo-kai, but it seems there are special conditions to befriend them.


New Yo-kai


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From Keita’s world. When it possesses people, the people will apologize even when it isn’t their fault.


Fuu-kun (Lightside) / Fuujin (Shadowside)


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From Natsume’s world, Fuu-kun is a mischievous yo-kai who’s always curious and finding someone to play with.


Rai-chan (Lightside) / Raijin (Shadowside)


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A quiet kid who doesn’t like doing much but unleashes its lightning when it gets angry.



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A yo-kai that foresees good fortunes when it hits the pot on its head.


Connectivity with Yo-kai Arks

Yo-kai Watch 4 has connectivity with the Yo-kai Arks and Yo-seiken toys, which each will do something different in-game:

  • Normal Ark: Obtain a key in-game that differs by rarity.
  • Special colored Ark: If you collect several, you can get special items in-game.
  • Miracle: Obtain a key that will make miracles occur in-game.
  • Yo-seiken: Battle a Kenbumajin in-game.


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Furthermore, the special Yo-kai Watch 4 physical edition “Jibanyans & Nekomata” Crystal Yo-kai Ark is compatible as well, and gives you a special “Triple Nyackle” weapon in the game.


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Yo-kai Watch 4 releases in Japan on June 6, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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