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While Yo-Kai Watch 4 has already released on Nintendo Switch in Japan, nothing has been said regarding the West – until today, where at the Level-5 Anime Expo panel, a Western localization was announced. [Thanks, HDKirin!]


While the announcement was given, it seems that no release date was given. A trailer was shown (no photos or videos were allowed at the panel), but it was the Japanese trailer with English subtitles, meaning that the localization may likely still be early in development.


As a reminder, Yo-kai Watch 4 is a game where players will get to visit four different worlds, with returning characters from the games, anime, and movies, as well as a new Yo-makai world where the yo-kai are said to live in.


Yo-kai Watch 4 is available on Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game has been announced for the West.

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