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Yo-Kai Watch 4 Reveals New In-Game Screenshot And Character Designs


yokai watch 4 1

It was revealed earlier this week that Yo-kai Watch 4 is launching for Nintendo Switch this winter, and a new in-game screenshot and the main character designs were also revealed today. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


yokai watch 4 2


The game will feature the worlds of three characters – Keita Amano (Nathan Adams), Natsume Amano (Keita’s daughter), and Shin Shimomachi (the protagonist of the upcoming Yo-kai Watch movie). A fourth world is also teased, shown by the door that Natsume is attempting to open.


Yo-kai from all three worlds will appear, and the character designs of Keita, Natsume, and Shin were shown off, alongside their partners:

Natsume Amano

yokai watch 4 3

Keita Amano (Nathan Adams)

yokai watch 4 4

Shin Shimomachi

yokai watch 4 5

Yo-kai Watch 4 launches in Japan in Winter 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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