Nintendo 3DS

Yo-kai Watch Busters Trailer Shows More Of Its Beat ‘em Up Action



Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Troupe and White Dog Unit originally comes from the multiplayer mode from Yo-kai Watch 2, which is kind of like a beat ‘em up mini-game with some Monster Hunter elements. The game’s latest trailer shows us more of how it plays.



In Yo-kai Watch Busters, you’ll play as different Yokai, and will go around town in a beat ‘em up action style. Players will team up to form groups of four to take on all kinds of Yokai, including some bosses.  The game also features online multiplayer.


You can take on the game’s main story, participate in “Patrol’ quests, or take on bosses in the “Big Boss” mode. Yokai can also be powered up at the Busters’ House, and you can recruit up to 400 different Yokai.


Yo-kai Watch Busters will release in Japan on July 11, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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